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Why would you want to get your teeth whitened? 

The idea of getting your teeth whitened might seem strange to some people, especially if they have never had any serious dental issues that have effected the enamel on their teeth. But the appearance of your smile can have a huge effect not just on your physical health, but also on your mental health. Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, so it is understandable that you want it to look it’s best. So how can teeth whitening actually help you to achieve that?

People of Belfast……improve your smile today!

Despite what you may have heard, teeth whitening is a surprisingly simple procedure that doesn’t take too long to complete. But many DIY packages that people purchase are often worse than just disappointing….they can be dangerous. 

There have been several horror stories that have emerged recently from beauty enthusiasts who decided to try a DIY teeth whitening kit, and ended up damaging the enamel on their teeth permanently. Although the prices may be much lower than a procedure at a cosmetic beauty clinic, the cost to repair the damages to your mouth will be far greater.

Our procedure is safe, effective and is easy to maintain the results – just be sure to look after your teeth well and ensure that you brush them regularly!

But what does our procedure actually involve?

It’s actually very straightforward – let’s outline it:

Essentially, laser teeth whitening works by removing the stains from your teeth.

We coat your teeth with a thin layer of bleaching gel, then we enhance the effects by projecting an LED light onto the surface of the teeth. This then removes stains and helps to give a natural whitening effect.

The procedure has a high success rate in clients, with over 95% of clients noticing whitening results. The reason that it is not 100% is that some people have teeth that are not receptive to the gel. This could be from extreme neglect and failure to care for the teeth. In this case, the client may require completely new teeth.

The procedure only takes around half an hour, and requires no anaesthetic drugs to be administered. This is enough time to allow the gel to work, but not too long that it could become uncomfortable for the client.

You will undoubtedly notice a huge difference in the whiteness of your teeth, particularly if you have struggled with yellow discolouration at any point in your life. If your teeth were in a fairly good condition before you came to the clinic, you will still see results but they won’t be as immediately obvious.

The results will last for as long as the client wants, provided that they maintain their teeth well. This doesn’t have to be a complicated list of lotions and potions as long as my arm; generally speaking regular brushing (2x a day and mouthwash) is enough to maintain the results.

But it’s not just in the bathroom that you will have to take care of your teeth. For many people, the reason that their teeth became discoloured in the first place is because they have bad habits which can wreak havoc on the health of their teeth. Drinking excess amounts of coffee and smoking are the leading causes of yellow teeth, and in order for your results to be maintained, these habits must be reduced or ideally stopped altogether.

If the utmost attention and care is given to your newly white teeth, you can expect the results to last up to a year, at which point you may decide to undergo another procedure.

There is always a concern from some clients that the procedure may be sore. At most, there will be a slight tingling feeling when the gel is coated onto the teeth. If tooth sensitivity occurs, it is often best to avoid hot or cold drink until the sensitivity has reduced. This can be sped up by using a toothpaste especially for sensitive teeth.

A common misconception is that we are using a real laser (a la James Bond) but it is merely an LED light used to activate the bleaching gel. The light and heat is directional, so it focuses on your teeth and cannot be redirected to your face.

Teeth whitening is a great procedure that is hugely popular across Belfast, but it’s not for everyone. Pregnant women and children under 14 are not recommended to undergo the procedure. If you are nervous for the procedure then it may be a good idea to avoid it too, as this could cause you unnecessary stress.

Likewise, your teeth may not be suitable for the whitening procedure. If you have dead roots, then it is very unlikely that they will whiten effectively. It would be advised to repair the deeper problems before paying for teeth whitening.

Getting your teeth whitened won’t just help you improve your smile, it can also help to kill bacteria and keep nasty conditions like gingivitis at bay.

Phew – That’s a lot of reading! Hopefully it has helped to address any questions that you may have about the procedures involved. If you have any further questions just get in touch with us!


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