Strange Ancient Teeth Whitening


At Teeth Whitening Belfast, we use a whole bunch of fancy, expensive equipment to help you get a sparkling set of gnashers. But the lasers and gels that we use haven’t always been available for people looking to improve the appearance of their teeth. There was a time when people had to get pretty creative with their teeth whitening tricks…..and pretty disgusting too.

Take the ancient Romans for example. Those guys would use their stale pee to whiten their teeth. The ammonia in the urine was the chemical compound that acted as the bleaching agent. Their teeth were great, but their breath? Not so much.

They were so convinced of the powers of pee that many lower classes would actually collect it from public urinals and sell it. Many of the lower class citizens would collect the urine and sell it, which forced the Roman Emperor Nero to create a ‘urine tax’ in the 1st century AD.

More recent teeth whitening tricks involved stone pumice and vinegar from the Egyptians (slightly less disgusting). Egyptians saw white teeth as a sign of beauty of power (sounds familiar) so they would take great pride in the appearance of their gnashers. They just weren’t willing to use their pee. Yuck. We’ll stick to our lasers thanks.