The dangers of oil pulling

There has been a recent surge in popularity amongst celebrities and beauty enthusiasts trying out ‘oil pulling’, a natural teeth whitening method that many people are claiming has been getting them fantastic results. The products have been plastered all over social media sites, and they’re being endorsed by some big name celebrities who I’m sure are doing it all out of the kindness of their heart and not for any financial gain! (/s)

Look, we love natural treatments, and the less artificial ingredients and chemicals that exist in our treatments, the better it is for everyone. But when people not only make false claims about their products, but package it and then sell it to people for 5x the price that it’s worth, that’s what ticks us off.

But despite our angriness about these aspects of the oil pulling craze, this is actually the least of our concerns as far as oil pulling is concerned. There have been several health experts who have emerged saying that oil pulling could actually be dangerous. Dr Steven Novella┬áis a medical professional who has advised people against using oil pulling for teeth whitening due to it’s ineffectiveness and potential harm.

We would usually be keen to try out these treatments ourselves to make a full assessment as to their effectiveness, but the idea of swishing oil around our mouth isn’t exactly tempting, so we’ll skip it for now.