Weird Teeth – Narhwal

We usually deal with pretty normal teeth (usually) but some animals have seriously interesting teeth that we wouldn’t mind having a go at whitening.

Everybody loves Narwhals, so we thought we’d write a little post about



Narwhals are almost considered to be mythical, and many people refer to them as the unicorns of the sea. But did you know that their unicorn tusk was actually a massively overgrown tooth? It might be a bit late for them to get braces, but to be honest it looks pretty awesome. Although I don’t like the idea of a tooth coming through my head, that sounds sore.

Scientists have often argued about what the purpose of the horn/tooth/tusk was, with people claiming a variety of purposes including an ice pick and an acoustic probe. It turns out that the tooth is actually used as sensory organ, which helps the narwhal to pick up changes in it’s environment. I wish our teeth could do that.

Queen Elizabeth paid 10,000 pounds for one of these tusks in the 16th century, which was about the value of a castle at the time (it’s still a huge amount of money today)

I’ve always though Narwhals were cool, but now I know that they have a massive tooth sticking out their head. Cool.