Why we love Belfast

We’ve been whitening Belfast teeth for more than 10 years now, and along the way we’ve fallen in love with this interesting, vibrant city.

Everything from the people to the buildings impress us –  and we’ve not managed to find a better place for a night out.

But there are a few awesome facts about Belfast that we had never heard about, so we thought that we’d write a post about them!


Belfast was the first place Led Zepplin played Stairway to Heaven’


In 1971, Led Zepplin appeared at the Ulster Hall in Belfast to rock the socks off everyone in the room. During an already epic set, they decided to try out their new song ‘Stairway to Heaven’. According to this guy, it didn’t go too well. In his words, ‘It was too ballad-y for Led Zepplin’. Luckily, they proved this doubter wrong.

Oscar Wilde said that the one beautiful building in Belfast was…..the Water Office. 


Although we love the architecture in Belfast, it seems that Oscar Wilde wasn’t as keen. He clearly doesn’t have much of an eye for beautiful buildings, because although the Water Office is attractive, Belfast is full of buildings that are great to look at. Unfortunately, the Water Office is now a Marks and Spencer’s. Bet Wilde is turning in his grave.

The phrase ‘Last chance saloon’ was born here


Henry Joe McCracken (great name, by the way) was being taken to the centre of Belfast to be hanged for treason, and on the way he stopped off to have one last pint of ale at a local pub called ‘The Whites Tavern’. Somebody must have said the phrase and it stuck. I’m sure he’s pleased that he is remembered by some for this, and not for his other work.


So there are a few reasons why we love Belfast. Now we’ve just got to go and convince Oscar Wilde.